A Documentation for AthosGEO View

Thank you for all the license payments from the users of AthosGEO Blend: They are allowing permanent updates and improvements for features in all AthosGEO variants. With this blog I want to present a special type of update.

This time it is not about additional functions. It is about the thing that only makes many of the existing functions available for users that are not (yet) experienced experts: a documentation. Just click here to see the result: AthosGEO View Documentation.

What else should I say? The documentation is certainly not perfect, so please tell me if you have any suggestions or remarks!

A next step will be the full integration into the software. You will find it there as a link to the online version, and you will find a PDF variant for possible printout, and ideally a third one that is an integrated help manual that works also without a current internet connection.

And after that? No details yet, but it will be some new functionality for the users of AthosGEO Blend, for improved finetuning of the scheduling process.

Cornelis Bockemühl

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Owner and Principal of cobo GmbH
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