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Many mining softwares are doing a great job for most larger or smaller mining operations in the world, from exploration to mining cost optimization and mine design and much more. However, for the specific needs of cement operations they are often enough not easily useable. The main difficulties are

  • Focus on a blended product, optionally including external materials
  • Primary focus on mining cost and not quarry lifetime

Please read here about the reasons why also the latter can be a problem.

Solving exactly these problems will be the primary focus of our new AthosGEO software!

At this moment there is "only" one drawback: The software is not finished yet. But the good news is that working on it is currently our main ongoing project, so be assured that it will come soon. In our news section we will regularly update you about the status, so stay tuned.

Update: AthosGEO Blend is out now - please read the announcement in the blog. Next will be the release of AthosGEO View.


AthosGEO will come in two flavors:

1. AthosGEO View will be a powerful 3D viewer for your quarry block models:

  • full and cut views, optionally combined with topographical features
  • block coloring by qualities
  • calculating cement moduli
  • summaries - overall or by categories
  • statistical views: histograms and more
  • and if you have a planning already (with AthosGEO Blend), this can be visualized step by step

2. AthosGEO Blend will become the optimization and scheduling workhorse:

  • calculate the overall raw mix resources potential of your mines, depending on your quality targets and including available corrective materials and/or alternative raw materials
  • calculate an optimized schedule for different opening points in your mines, respecting mining constraints and preferences and wasting
  • optionally include also the production of a mineralizer component (limestone) simultaneously

On top of this we are able to customize the software to fit exactly the needs of your operations. Please contact us and we will do our best to understand and serve these needs.

Licensing and Target Users

AthosGEO View

  • will be an Open Source software: You can download and use it for free and pay only for training and support - or if you want to support the further development
  • is for all those people who need to view and analyze in depth the model including the planning

AthosGEO Blend

  • will be under a commercial license: please contact us for an offer
  • is for planners who will directly have a financial benefit from using this software - from free-lance consultants to smaller or larger companies


In LafargeHolcim Ltd. (LH) they have a pair of custom softwares (QSO and QuarryMaster) which can do very similar plannings, with only a different workflow. Being familiar with these softwares we are able to support customers at LH sites (technical centers or plants) with plannings and/or trainings.

Sorry to say that we are not allowed to give these softwares to third parties because the license covers only LH internal customers.

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