Article about First Operational AthosGEO Blend

It's 5 months since the last blog update, and already two months since the article appeared: Still I want to point you to that very nice article about the first AthosGEO Blend in full action! You will get an idea about what kind of problems you can solve by using a software like AthosGEO Blend. The article appeared in the Global Cement Magazine, and the good thing is that it is fully available online: This link (*) will directly bring you to the article. The article is written by my partners from apbp GmbH - Petr Blaha and Arnaud Pujol.

(*) update note regarding the link: It looks like it is not any more available - sorry!

On top of that you can see pictures in the article of a very well organized quarry operation - and actually these two things are going hand in hand. Of course a quarry will not be managed by a software only, but the software is pretty much educating to going for a well organized operation.

And if the quarry manager is already doing that it's even better: He will certainly love the availability of a software tool that supports him in his preferred way of operation.

The reason why this message is now posted so late is very simple: So much was happening in the last months that there was no time for reporting. First of all there have been two events that are each worth telling a little story: It will happen during the next few weeks - promised!

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