AthosGEO Presented for Latin America

Thanks to Wilfredo Lopez with the SME (Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration, Columbian Chapter), AIMC (Association of Professionals of the Mining Sector of Columbia) and CCRR (Columbian Commission of Mineral Resources and Reserves) for the great opportunity to present AthosGEO for a Latin American audience through online channels. This presentation is now here below (click on any of the announcements) available online via Youtube for any interested person.

Please note that there is only one version, with myself talking in English and Wilfredo Lopez freely translating into Spanish, not two different videos.

The entire presentation is about 1 1/4 hours. If you want to jump directly to specific subjects I give you here some indications:

10:33 Overview of software architecture with ParaView, AthosGEO View and AthosGEO Blend
12:55 AthosGEO View examples including drillhole and blockmodel display
22:02 The specific challenges of mining for cement raw materials
27:11 The three modules of AthosGEO Blend: Optimizer, Scheduler and Planner
30:52 Live demo of the AthosGEO Blend Optimizer
37:25 Live demo of the AthosGEO Blend Scheduler
41:01 Live demo of the AthosGEO Blend Planner
55:07 Cost considerations
1:04:52 Questions from listeners

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