Celebrating Release of AthosGEO Blend 1.0.0

There is good news today: AthosGEO Blend is not any more just a promise - it's out now! Please read here for more information about what the software can do for you.

With this we are now able to support you in your cement raw material extraction optimization and scheduling efforts in the best possible way. And with support we mean:

  • A full or selective service package that may include
    • model generation, from exploration to 3D modelling and geostatistics
    • strategic raw materials planning, covering the entire quarry lifetime and including waste, correctives and alternative raw material options
    • regular planning updates, adapting to changing market and other conditions
  • Please contact our partners if you need such kind of overall service: They have the competencies for all the above mentioned planning steps, and they will use AthosGEO Blend and other tools to do the job.
  • Once the AthosGEO View variant of our software is out, you will be able to visualize the planning results at all times free of charge.
  • We can sell you a license for AthosGEO Blend at an attractive yearly fee: Please contact us directly for conditions. This may be interesting in two cases:
    • If you do consulting services for cement producers, with the intention to deliver the best possible optimized mines planning
    • If you are a cement producer with your own mines planning experts doing all the above steps internally, or if you want to complement the work of external experts with own variants.
  • At cobo GmbH we will provide you with basic or extended software support, and we can provide training for your experts that includes not only the use of the AthosGEO Blend and/or AthosGEO View software, but provides you with background understanding of the entire raw materials planning process.

Spreading the Know-How for Responsible Mining

Our goal with AthosGEO Blend is to ensure that the know-how of proper raw materials and quarry planning in the specific case of cement is available to everybody who needs it. This know-how was developed and refined within a major cement producing company. For the sake of making the most economically and ecologically prudent use of non-recoverable resources we want to make this know-how available to the public.

What are you Paying for?

AthosGEO Blend is not free software. However, with the money that you pay for your license you are not actually paying for the software that you receive!


No: You are contributing to kind of an implicit order for further development of features that are not yet available. So you are paying not for what you have, but for what will be there eventually. And we will involve our customers in the process of defining the most useful features to be developed next. Ok - only if they want! Of course you are free to pay your license fee for the existing software and use it without any further obligations.

Cornelis Bockemühl

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Owner and Principal of cobo GmbH
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