Version 2.2.0 for AthosGEO Blend and View is there

This update affects both variants. As a reminder: These are AthosGEO Blend (for cement raw material production) and AthosGEO View (for visualization of geological/underground data) Reminder: AthosGEO View is for the visualization of geological (underground) data. It is freely available with a permissive open source license, taken from ParaView ( The focus is on the...

A Documentation for AthosGEO View

Thank you for all the license payments from the users of AthosGEO Blend: They are allowing permanent updates and improvements for features in all AthosGEO variants. With this blog I want to present a special type of update. This time it is not about additional functions. It is about the thing that only makes many...

AthosGEO Presented for Latin America

Thanks to Wilfredo Lopez with the SME (Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration, Columbian Chapter), AIMC (Association of Professionals of the Mining Sector of Columbia) and CCRR (Columbian Commission of Mineral Resources and Reserves) for the great opportunity to present AthosGEO for a Latin American audience through online channels. This presentation is now here below...

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