One Year of AthosGEO Blend in Operation – What Next?

Keeping my promise: The next blog is here - and we are going to talk about next developments for AthosGEO Blend. My previous blog (yesterday) about licensing and selling software was kind of an introduction. But first let's celebrate our first little anniversary: The first year of operational life of AthosGEO Blend in a...

AthosGEO Blend at the Green Cementech Conference in Hyderabad

"Make Indian Cement Plants World Class in Green": These are big words that were chosen as the slogan of the 15th "Green Cementech" conference in Hyderabad, on 30-31 May 2019. That conference was jointly organized by the Indian Cement Manufacturers Association (CMA) and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). It was interesting to hear...

AthosGEO View Supporting Geodata Visualization

In April 2019, Swisstopo organized for the second time a workshop about Geological 3D Modelling. Swisstopo is part of the Swiss Federal Government, and the invited parties were from authorities, universities and private companies in Switzerland. I was also invited to present, and since this was not a cement related event, I presented the...

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