Quality Optimization and Planning

Holistic Approach

Our specialization is the optimization of quarry raw mix reserves for cement plants. While others often try to optimize their cement raw mix operations area by area (limestone component, secondary component, corrective materials etc.) we are using a holistic approach. Meaning: the focus is not on the quarry alone, but we take into account

  • all possible effects on corrective materials consumption,
  • the potential for alternative raw materials utilization,
  • effects on emissions and
  • additional needs for mineralizer limestone etc.

These things can have a much larger influence on your overall cost than the cost of mining (including wasting) alone.

Protecting Your Investment and Ecological Effects

Other than for many major mining operations, the main investment for a cement plant is the plant itself, not the mines. In order to protect this investment, our main focus during optimization is quarry lifetime. This is specially important if the remaining lifetime is less than 10 or 20 years and the outlook for opening new close by deposits is difficult.

Extracting the maximum raw mix out of an existing deposit has also a positive effect on the natural environment because it means to make prudent use of limited resources.

Support, Software and Training

  • We can offer you an overall or detail assessment of your quarry quality planning and control needs, following our holistic approach.
  • We are currently working on a software to support the above approach even better. Eventually we will be able to implement and support also this software on your site.
  • We can deliver trainings regarding different aspects of quarry quality control and software utilization.
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