Sharing Know How

Share Your Know-How and Prosper

My company is all about sharing know-how - and this blog is going to be part of it. The intention is to share bits of my long experience in optimizing raw materials for cement production - and it is quite possible that some of the learnings are valid also for other industries! Other ways of sharing know-how are:

  • Consulting Services: Solving your specific problems - carry out optimization and planning projects - provide you with models for using our softwares
  • Software Offerings: Some know-how is being cast into code so it can serve you automatically
  • Trainings: Once you and your employees have a better understanding of optimization and planning concepts you either don't need my services any more - or we can work together in an even more efficient way

As Time Permits - and You Can Contribute

Postings in this blog will be written if time permits, or if I see that some common problem is arising regularly. So if there is nothing new in this blog it may be a good sign: too much work otherwise!

Also you can contribute! If you register and login you will be able to comment. And if you feel you want to contribute with an entire blog entry, just send a message.

Cornelis Bockemühl

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Owner and Principal of cobo GmbH

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